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The invite includes a video that shows the Apple logo below the spotlight with a caption "Its show time".

On March 25th, Apple will hold a special event called "It's Show Time" where the tech giant is rumored to unveil new services and products.

How the Raiders Pillaged the Steelers in the Antonio Brown Deal
He may be looking for a similar amount of guaranteed money ($30 million) that the Raiders gave to Brown on his new contract. "Referencing the 6'8" Brown as "big bro", Wynn (who is 6'2") expressed his satisfaction seeing a fellow lineman get paid.

It's been pointed out by BuzzFeed's technology editor, John Paczkowski, that Apple used the same tagline in 2006 for the event at which it previewed what would become Apple TV. The process has worked out well for Apple Music. Since licensing negotiations like this can often drag on for months, or even years, setting a launch date draws a line in the sand that likely helps to motivate the companies involved to wrap up deals in a more timely manner. Apple is in talks with HBO, Showtime, and Starz, and all three are expected to join Apple's service eventually. At this point, all of the companies seem to have addressed the big questions such as pricing and revenue sharing, and said to simply haggling over a variety of smaller points such as marketing, promotion, and the user experience. Apple news service will reportedly offer a Netflix-style bundle for magazines and subscription newspapers all in one convenient place.

While we don't know precisely how Apple's streaming service will look until that March 25th showcase, it's very likely to get its hooks into almost all of the company's media-consuming hardware, from iPhone to Apple TV. Apple is focusing more on its Services business with this event so it is unlikely that we will see the company make any hardware announcements on stage.