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That sounds like a marvelous setup, but Captain Marvel doesn't really have any moments of cinematic grandeur; of eye-popping, breath-stealing "comics as art" or "superheroes as gods" wow though. The fights are confusingly shot, the shoot-outs and auto chases feel cheap, and the title hero, played by Brie Larson, is chill to the point of blasé.

While the good reviews veer closer to the centre of the critical aisle, highlighting the film's pleasures while reserving some space for their issues with the pacing and the plot, the negative reviews go all out.

"The picture is not boring, exactly, just mundane", writes Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter.

Mendelsohn's Talos will be a surprise to Marvel comics die-hards, but a welcome one - he's a far cry from a traditional MCU villain, but what he lacks in deviousness he makes up for in a genuinely charming sense of humor.

Screen Daily's Tim Grierson expresses similar reservations, calling the film "fun and breezy but also a tad familiar" and its action sequences "sturdy but unspectacular". The two also co-directed and co-wrote 2010's teens-in-therapy "It's Kind of a Funny Story", and co-wrote 2006's junkie-teacher drama "Half Nelson", which Fleck directed. It's unusual to feel the MCU suddenly pivot back to the pure origin story routine after the last two years have been so experimental, and it's hard not to walk away wishing that Carol would have gotten the Black Panther or Spider-Man treatment with an introduction built into a previous movie to help add a bit more narrative weight.

The Telegraph's Robbie Collin is not alone in remarking that 2017's Wonder Woman - made by rival company DC Entertainment - "beat it to the punch" in having a female superhero as its main protagonist. At the end of this training she was deployed as a spy under non-official cover - the most hard and coveted job in the field as an art dealer specializing in tribal and indigenous art and sent to infiltrate terrorist networks in remote areas of the Middle East and Asia.

To do that, she ventures to Earth, where she rediscovers herself with the help of old friends and a pair of not-by-the-book S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Coulson and Fury (Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson, respectively), who have not yet created the Avengers.

"Jackson's CGI facelift is hands-down the best example of digital de-aging yet seen in movies", writes Total Film's Matt Maytum.

'Captain Marvel' is an aimless superhero slog

It is also a tale of female friendship, with black actress Lashana Lynch playing Danvers' best friend and fellow pilot Maria Rambeau.

In fact, Captain Marvel works right up to the point where it doesn't. "But it doesn't disappoint". Peter Travers of Rolling Stone has singled out its "riot-grrrl power" for particular attention, spinning it as a joyous celebration of nostalgia. It wasn't until after the movie that I noticed that four out of the five screenwriters are women, maybe a first for this genre.

The sneakers drop this Friday, according to her tweet, coinciding with International Women's Day.

I spent a perfectly enjoyable two hours watching Captain Marvel on Monday.

Brie Larson has landed her next big role.

The film's most touching moment has nothing to do with the story, but comes during the opening Marvel Studios animated logo. The likes of Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man and Chris Pratt's Star-Lord are never short of a self-deprecating quip, yet Larson is required to play things deadpan straight. The last third of the film devolves into a series of battles between Captain Marvel and her enemies, but also apparently between the film's editor and cinematographer (visually, these scenes are nearly incoherent), and between the directors and the studio. She can fly, shoot photon beams from her hands and even walk through walls.

Boden added: "Yes, there are a lot more voices, but thank goodness (for that)".

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