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Commenting on a tweet about Rep. Steve Scalise suggesting that Omar should not be getting intelligence briefings, Ocasio-Cortez inquired why, "if we're so concerned about implied tropes", no concern was seemingly exhibited over 26 Democrats voting "for a GOP amendment to expand ICE powers rooted in the racist + false trope that Latino immigrants are more risky than USA born citizens". Justice Democrats, another PAC launched by Chakrabarti in 2017, also spent a significant portion of its money paying Brand New Congress LLC.

He provided a 2017 contract between the Justice Democrats PAC and the Brand New Congress LLC, that showed the PAC paying the LLC a monthly retainer fee of $60,000.

Chakrabarti not only ran Brand New Congress LLC, but was also Ocasio-Cortez's campaign manager and sat on the board of Justice Democrats, the group's website indicated as recently as January 8.

Adav Noti, the senior director of the Campaign Legal Center and a former FEC lawyer, said the arrangement was highly unusual and seemed meant to obscure the destination of the funds.

But while Ocasio-Cortez claimed that "none of this is whataboutism", not everyone seemed to be convinced by her reasoning.

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"There is no violation", Ocasio-Cortez told Fox News on March 5.

In a blog post by National Legal and Policy Center Chairman Peter Flaherty regarding the complaint, he highlighted Ocasio-Cortez's history of advocacy against "so-called dark money" and in favor of transparency in money in politics, suggesting hypocrisy when it came to the actions of her top aide.

Ocasio-Cortez's campaign also paid the LLC for 'strategic consulting'.

"If the PACs and campaigns were required to provide additional information on subvendor payments made by Brand New Congress LLC, it would have done so", he wrote. The stated objective was to help elect progressive candidates to Congress. He's now Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff.

Republican election attorney Charlie Spies piled on, saying "it looks like the campaign and PAC are under common control and the PAC was funding campaign staff and activities as an alter-ego of the campaign committee, which would be a blatant abuse of the PAC rules", the Daily Caller reported.