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She said it was entirely up to Kim whether to continue the launch and test moratorium, and said she expects he will "clarify his position" within a short period of time.

She, however, offered that the personal relations between Trump and Kim remain positive, despite what she cast as the sense of hostility and mistrust created by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton's demands at the summit.

"President Trump has said for some time that he was open to talks and he would willingly meet with Kim when conditions were right".

Choe, who attended the Hanoi summit, said Kim was puzzled by what she called the "eccentric" negotiation position of the United States, but she said the North Korean leader still had a good relationship with Trump.

The sharp turn in rhetoric reflects the North's comments that were made during the missile crisis of 2017 when Kim ordered the launch of the powerful Hwasong-12 warhead.

Like other North Korean diplomatic representatives before her, Choe blasted the USA for insisting on complete denuclearization before sanctions relief is granted.

Vice foreign minister Choe Son Hui criticised senior USA officials, accusing them of taking a "gangster-like stand" - while reserving praise for the "wonderful chemistry" between Mr Trump and Kim.

The main obstacle to agreement between the two sides was reportedly the question of sanctions: Washington says it wants all weapons of mass destruction eliminated by North Korea before economic sanctions are dropped, while Pyongyang envisages lifting the main sanctions in return for an only partial dismantling of its nuclear infrastructure. "We have every expectation he will live up to that commitment", he said.

Earlier on Friday, a spokeswoman for South Korea's Ministry of Unification told a press briefing that the weekly inter-Korean meeting scheduled at a liaison office in Kaesong, North Korea, had been cancelled after the North Koreans said they would not be sending senior officials.

Despite differences, Dems stick with Pelosi on impeachment
Pelosi's position is backed by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who said "the distraction would be major", Fox reports. When Pelosi says "he's just not worth it ", she is implicitly saying that Trump in fact poses no real dangers to the republic.

"And I think in the president's judgment that time has arrived now", he said. And following that, we continued to have very professional conversations, where we tried our best to work together and represent our respective sides.

At a news conference after the second summit, Mr Trump said no plans had been made for a third summit, but he expressed optimism about a "good outcome" in the future.

The summit also saw the USA reportedly give the North Korean leader a written and expanded American definition of "complete denuclearization". "So that's Chairman Kim's word". However, the problem is that North Korea also has conducted lots of missile and nuclear tests too, so it's too glib to call this a bluff. "We'll look at ramping those sanctions up in fact", Bolton said.

Brumfiel adds: "News of the activity comes just days after other satellite imagery showed that North Korea has rapidly rebuilt a satellite launch facility on the country's west coast".

Mr Trump and Mr Pompeo clearly stated after last month's talks that North Korean officials had asked for full sanctions relief.

"What is clear is that the United States has thrown away a golden opportunity this time", she said. Not quite. North Korea's tactic might be to hope this will initiate a reaction from the US.

North Korea acknowledged for the first time last Friday that the Hanoi summit ended "unexpectedly without an agreement".

At the State Department on Monday, Pompeo said that the North Korean offer in Hanoi "simply didn't rise to the level that was acceptable given what they were asking for in exchange".