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The president tweets that he looks forward to vetoing the Senate resolution that would increase "crime, drugs and trafficking"; Kevin Corke reports from the White House.

Trump's emergency declaration would reallocate approximately $8.1 billion from the Department of Defense (as well as other areas) to begin construction of a southern border barrier.

Republicans who voted against the resolution want money to be there to secure the border, but wanted that to happen through the appropriations process, not through an executive order, said Barrasso, adding that he would have also preferred to do it that way. "Watch, when you get back to your State, they will LOVE you more than ever before!" he said. "To defend the safety and security of all Americans, I will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution". "Donate NOW for the WALL & we'll TRIPLE MATCH your gift".

On Thursday, the Senate voted (59-41) to overturn Trump's national emergency declaration. American Civil Liberties Union, which filed one of the cases, said the veto is meaningless, like the declaration in the first place. John Barrasso, who voted against the resolution, said Friday. But after Trump said he opposed that legislation, Lee eventually backed the measure to rebuff Trump.

Paul Manafort Indicted in New York After Federal Sentencing
Both cases arose from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 United States election. Manafort had asked for mercy, saying the criminal charges against him had "taken everything from me already".

Trump declared the national emergency after signing a government funding agreement that did not include the money he requested to build a wall. "This is not about the president or border security, in fact I support border security, I support a barrier". For instance, prior national emergency declarations have authorized the use of statutory powers to prevent the importation of uncut diamonds. and to promote democracy or conflict resolution in various countries around the world. It is definitely a national emergency. Twelve Republican senators joined Democrats in rejecting the president's emergency declaration.

In challenging Trump on Thursday, only one Republican who is up for re-election next year - Susan Collins of ME - voted for the disapproval resolution. The dozen senators who went against the White House were Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rob Portman of Ohio, Marco Rubio of Florida, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Roger Wicker of MS and Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, both of Utah. The House previously passed the resolution last month, 245 (including 13 Republicans) to 182.

He said the vote against the president was also a vote "against the America people and their safety and security".