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While many people blame farmers for Daylight Saving Time, the idea actually came about due to the much more blame-worthy military-industrial complex. It lists the official time down to the second and has a reminder for daylight saving time changes.

Time to abide by the adage to spring forward (though it's not yet spring).

State lawmakers in ME are considering a similar change, as well as possibly moving the state to the Atlantic Time Zone.

One study said an irregular sleep pattern, even just one hour, can lead to higher risks for heart disease, being overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes.

But don't close your eyes before you've rolled your clocks forward an hour.

Ahead of this weekend's move to "spring ahead" the clocks, Florida lawmakers announced an effort to get rid of time changes altogether.

Americans may struggle to get up in the morning after losing an hours sleep overnight.

According to the fire department, smoke alarms are created to last up to 10 years, but battery life spans are far shorter, and whenever daylight saving or standard time arrives, officials recommend replacing batteries as a precaution. The other issue is whether we need to favor the evening over the morning when trying to distribute our sunlight - not just during spring and summer and early fall but throughout the year.

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Your regular sleep pattern can be affected for five to seven days after changing the clock.

The problems don't stop there.

"In a population that is already chronically sleep deprived, even if one hour doesn't seem to be a lot of sleep deprivation, when it's on the top of a chronic sleep debt, people will feel it quite a bit". Our bodies may not fully recover from the springtime bump for weeks.

The law authorizing Daylight Saving Time was signed into law on March 15th, 1918 with the Calder Act, which was implemented to help conserve fuel during WWI.

The additional power usage cost IN power users $9 million a year and increased pollution, to boot, the researchers found.

If the Sunshine Protection Act became law, it would essentially end daylight saving time by making it the new, permanent, immutable standard time.

Worldwide, fewer than half of all countries participate in this biannual clock-changing ritual. The vote comes as more than two dozen states are considering measures to avoid the twice-yearly clock change.